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LEVEL: Beginners

MAIN TOOLS USED: Path Tools: Path/Edit Tools: Edit/Trace: Transform Tools: Burn Tool

Download the zipped file of the holly trim ufo here if you wish to use it.

PSP USERS! You can now find a PSP Version of this tutorial at Moon's Designs! Enjoy!

TERMS OF USE: Please Read - Thank You!

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The finished picture


Drawing the first shapes

Merge them together

Making the arch


1. Open a new canvas 350W x 250H pixels.


2. Using the Path Tool, Shape-Rectangle: Colour-Black: Mode-2D - draw a rectangle approximately 280W x 30H pixels.


3. Draw three more rectangles
200W x 30H
120W x 30H
40W x 30H pixels.


4. Place the four rectangles on top of one another as shown.
Right Click and Select All Objects.
Right Click/Align/Center Horizontally.
Right Click/Merge As Single Object.


5. Using the Path Tool - Shape Ellipse: Colour-White: Mode 2D - draw an ellipse as shown.


6. Right Click/Merge All.
Tracing the final shape

The final Path shape

Brightness and Contrast box

Applying Bevel setting

The finished Arch



7. Click on Edit/Trace/Image - settings 14 - 1 - 128 and Click OK.


8. Change the Mode setting back to 3D Round.


9. Open a new canvas - the same size as the original - and move your bridge path shape to this.


You can now close the original canvas.


10. Fill the Path Shape with a wood preset of your choice.


Right Click/Duplicate your Path Shape.


11. Select the original Path Shape and Click on Format/Brightness and Contrast.


Click on the bottom left box four times as shown. Click OK.


12. Click on the second Path shape. Click on the Material button - then on Bevel.


Check 3D Custom and the setting shown opposite. Click OK.


13. Move the Path shapes into position - with one offset from the other.


The bridge section is now complete!
Starting the candle

Applying the Material

The candle partly finished

Applying the fill

Drawing the leaves

Rotate Freely button

Finished Candle and holder

The Finished Candlebridge



14. Using the Path Tool - Shape-Rectangle: Color-any you wish!: Mode 3D: Border-2: Depth-30 - draw a Rectangle approximately 15W x 95H pixels.


15. Using the Path Tool - Custom Shape-Plastic Tube: Color-Gold: Mode 3D: Border-3: Depth-30 - draw a small shape for the candleholder.


Click on the Material button/Shading and check the Metallic-Gold option. Click OK.


16. Use the Transform Tool/Resize to shorten the height of the holder if you wish.


17. Using the PathTool - Custom Shape-Raindrop: Mode 2D: draw a candle flame as shown.
Click on Edit/Fill/Gradient and use the colours and settings shown opposite.
Change the Border setting to 6.


18. Using the Path Tool - Custom Shape-Leaf 7: Color-Green: Mode 3D: Border-1: Depth-30 - draw a small leaf shape.


19. Use the Transform Tool/Rotate Freely - to rotate this to the left.
Right Click/Duplicate this shape.
Use the Transform Tool/Rotate and Flip and Flip the second shape horizontally.


20. Put the two leaf shapes in place as shown.


21. Select all the parts of your candle & holder by keeping your finger on the Shift key and clicking on each one.
Right Click/Merge As Single Object.


22. Right Click/Duplicate the candle 6 times. Put in place on your bridge.


23. Shift/Click on the left three candles.
Right Click/Arrange/Send to Back.
Right Click/Select All Objects/Merge As Single Object.

24. (Optional)
Use the /Retouch Tools/Burn Tool to shade the right hand side of your candles.

25. (Optional)
Add the decorative trim from the zip file - or use your own decoration for the front of the bridge.

Your candlebridge is finished!
The finished picture
The finished pic with a simple background added.
The finished picture - animated!
...and I just HAD to go back and do this one!
Click here to go to my flickering candle tutorial to find out how to animate your flames!
(Start at Stage 13 and vary the flame shape for each candle)
Well done!
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