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1. These tutorials are © Rosie Hardman-Ixer and may not be duplicated, copied, or reproduced in any manner without written permission. This includes all text, graphics and downloads as detailed in my general Copyright Statement. You may download my tutorials to your own computer for private use but you may NOT, under any circumstances redistribute these files by email or any other method.

2. You may use my accompanying downloads to make other graphics with (you do NOT have to have done my tutorial to use them). However - please do not redistribute them in any way without written permission.

3. Any graphic you make as a result of one of my tutorials is yours to do with as you wish providing it is not an EXACT copy of one of the graphics contained in the tutorial (see next paragraph).

I do appreciate that a lot of the tutorials are to make a specific object and, if followed to the letter, you will produce copies of the graphics used. You may use these on your site unaltered - providing you do not claim copyright to them and if somewhere on the same page you include a reference to my original copyright.

4. Other than the above exception you do NOT have to give a credit or link to my tutorials on the pages where you use the graphics made from them.

5. Please do NOT direct link to the images/downloads on the tutorials. (This is bandwidth theft - a serious breach of the Terms of Use of most ISPs. Any infringements of this nature will be reported to your web-host if the offending link is not removed within 72 hours from notification).

6. I welcome translations of my tutorials into other languages and versions for other graphics programs such as PSP (with appropriate credit) but I do only have ONE official translator for each language/program. If you are interested in doing this, please email me first for my conditions - thank you!

7. PLEASE DO NOT link to these tutorials on any groups or boards without prior, written permission from me. Links posted to these kinds of groups can cause a sudden influx of visitors and an increase in bandwidth usage. I have lost my original site twice now due to this pressure and have now had to pay extra money to buy an extra site. If you wish to use these tutorials in a group context, please email me first out of courtesy so that I can check my site statistics and make sure that it will not cause a problem.

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