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LEVEL: Beginners

MAIN TOOLS USED: Path Tools: Burn Tool (Optional)

TERMS OF USE: Please Read - Thank You!

French flag French version
The finished pic


The first piece

Whites of the eyes

The eyes

The jaw

The tongue

Line & Arrow Tool/Spline

Draw the muzzle

Fill settings for nose

Nose in place

Drawing the ear

Fill settings for ear

Finished head


1. Open a new canvas 350W x 300H pixels.


2. Using the Path Tool, Shape Ellipse, Colour Dark Brown, Mode 2D, draw an ellipse approximately 135 x90 as shown.


3. Using the same tool but colour white, draw a second ellipse approximately 35 x 65 pixels.


Hold the Ctrl key down and drag a copy of this and put in place as shown.


4. Path Tool - Colour black, draw another ellipse approximately 25 x 45 pixels.


Hold the Ctrl key down and drag a copy of this and put in place as shown.

5. Now draw another ellipse approximately 75 x 100 pixels and put in place.



6. Path Tool - Shape Ellipse - Colour pink, draw another ellipse approximately 45 x 30 pixels and put in place .


7. Path Tool - Shape-Circle - Colour Dark Brown - draw a circle approximately 90 x 90 pixels for the nose and put in place over jaw & tongue..



8. Using the Line & Arrow Tool/Spline - Width 2, Style and Arrow - Plain (set this in the Path Panel if necessary) - draw two curving lines as shown for Rudolf's muzzle.







9. Path Tool - Shape Circle - draw a circle approximately 40 x 40 pixels.

Click on Edit/Fill/Gradient and fill with the two colours shown.

Put nose in place.





10. Path Tool - Shape Ellipse - draw an ellipse approximately 90 x 35 pixels.


Click on Edit/Fill/Gradient and fill with the two colours shown.


Hold Ctrl key down and drag to duplicate this shape and put both ears in place.


Shift/Click on both ears to select and then Right Click/Arrange/Send to Back.

Path Panel

Drawing the antlers

Burn Tool



12. Use the Path Tool - Freehand, Colour-Gold, Mode 2D and in the Path Panel set the Accuracy to 10.


13. Draw Rudolf's first antler - an example is shown opposite.

Hold the Ctrl key down and drag a copy of this.
Using the Transform Tool/Rotate and Flip/Flip Horizontally.

Put in place as shown.

Shift/Click to select both antlers.

Right Click/Arrange/Send to back.


14. Using the Burn Tool shade each of the antlers as shown.


If you wish, you can add a texture to Rudolph's coat with the Texturiser Plug-in.


15. Right Click/Select all objects and Merge As Single Object.



.... You would even say it glows!!!!
Now it's up to you to add your own variations on your graphic. Maybe you'd like to add a little scenery, give him a body and paint his tongue - or even animate that famous nose as I've done? It's up to you now! Enjoy!
Well done!
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