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(using the Kang/The Woven World Filter)


LEVEL: Beginners (but plug-in filter installation necessary)

MAIN TOOLS USED: Kang Filter: Selection Tools

In order to do this tutorial you will need to download the Kang set of Filters Here.
(Click on 'For PCs' to download the .exe file for the full set of filters. Save this into your Plug-ins folder then click on the .exe file after download to install.)

TERMS OF USE: Please Read - Thank You!

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Samples of finished lace strips


The Settings

1. Open a new canvas - 400 x 400 pixels - background colour - any medium-dark colour you prefer. Minimise this canvas until later.

3. Open another canvas of the same size - background colour WHITE.

4. Click on Effect/ Kang 1/ The Woven World.

5. Move the Web and Weft sliders until you have a series of strip patterns of varying widths. (The picture shown in the Kang 1 window bears little resemblance to the one you will see when you click OK - so this part is very much a case of trial and error until you find a combination that works!). For the purposes of this tutorial I am setting the web at 115 and the weft at 155 as shown above.

6. Click OK.

Selecting the strip

7. Using the Selection Tool - Shape Rectangle - select a row of pattern from the resulting graphic. It will help in the next stage if you include a clear strip of white on one side of the pattern when selecting this area. Click on Copy and Paste.

Drawing the leading

8. Drag the copy into its own canvas. Right Click and Merge.

9. Using the Selection Tools/Magic Wand Tool (have Select by Line checked: Similarity - 5 pixels: Search connected pixels UNchecked) - click on an area of white.

10. Right Click and Invert.

11. Right Click and Convert to Object.

12. Click on Edit/Fill - and fill with white or a gradient of your choice.

Drawing the leading

13. Open the canvas with the medium-dark background that you made in stage 1. Drag the lace selection to it. Voila! You have made a strip of lace!

Other examples of lace strips made with this tutorial

Other examples of lace edging made with the same method.

The lace used as a frame

A picture with lace edging applied.

(Tip: For this picture I mitred the corners of the lace strips using the Object Eraser. If you use the Object Eraser on Straight Lines and make one clean cut across the corner - then move the strip away so you can see the rest that needs erasing - and use the Eraser on Freehand for that - it's the easiest way.
Also - if you can get one long side and one short side mitred - you can combine them - Right Click and Duplicate the piece - and use the Transform tool - to rotate it into position).
Well done!
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