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LEVEL: Beginner

MAIN TOOLS USED: Path Drawing Tool, Path Edit, Continue Draw, EasyPalette/Type Gallery/Imprint, Object Paint Eraser, Texturizer Filter (Optional), a fancy font (Optional).

NOTE: Illustration opposite shown at 75% of true, finished size.

TERMS OF USE: Please Read - Thank You!

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Cut-paper look frame


Circular 7

2 basic shapes

Using Continue Draw

The resulting shape

Type Gallery/Imprint

Imprint settings

First piece finished



1. Open new canvas, 400W x 400H pixels with a pastel-coloured background of your choice.

I am using a pale pink - Hex #FFDFEF.

2. Using the Path Drawing Tool, Custom Shape - Circular 7: Colour - White: Mode - 2D: draw a shape as large as possible on the canvas.

3. Right Click/Duplicate this shape and change its colour to black.

4. Move the black shape to a new canvas and Right Click/Merge.

5. Click on Format/Invert.

You should now have two canvasses as shown in the 2nd illustration opposite.

6. Using the original canvas - select the shape and change the Mode to Continue Draw.

7. Draw a circle which will fit inside the centre of the shape as shown.

Don't worry if it overlaps the other shape - you can use the Path Edit Tool to correct it.

(Click on the Path Edit Tool and move the circle so that it is in the centre).

8. Click out of Continue Draw or Path Edit Mode and return to 2D Mode.


9. Keeping the shape selected, open the EasyPalette/Type Gallery/Imprint.

Using Imprint 2 - Right Click/Modify Properties and Apply.



10. In the Type Effect box - use the settings below/on illustration.

Color - White

Softness - 40

Thickness - 2

Level - 35

Direction - 255


Your 1st piece of the frame is now finished!

Traced second shape

2nd shape with Imprint applied

Imprint cur down by Object Paint Eraser

Ribbon circle finished


11. Using the Black and White canvas, click on Edit/Trace. Accept the defaults and OK.

12. Change the Mode to 2D.

13. Drag the resulting shape to a new canvas.

(Should be a white shape on a coloured background again).

(You can close the 2nd canvas now).

14. Repeat steps 8 and 9 above but using a deep pink for the color.

This should give the result opposite - or similar depending on your chosen colours.

15. Now use the Object Paint Eraser to remove ALL the dark pink except for the inner 'ribbon' circle.

16. Drag the ribbon to the original canvas. Place in position.

Right Click/Send to Back.

NOTE: Sometimes this piece looks equally nice left at the front - experiment and see which you prefer!

17. Select the two pieces of your frame and Right Click/Merge As Single Object.

Now you can use your frame as it is for a photo or other piece of artwork.

In Part 3 I will suggest a simple idea for the centre in case you want to make something new for your frame...

Frame finished + centre text piece

Cut-paper look frame


18. First of all I have applied a texture to the background using the Texturiser Filter (sadly I cannot offer this as a download from this site as it is copyright Adobe).

19. Next I have taken a font called Borderbats Fleur (using 's' - font size 175) and made a large shape for the centre.

20. Now I have applied steps 8 and 9 above once more - this time using a slightly darker tint of the same pink as the background colour.

21. Finally I applied the same texture as I did to the background.


There are so many permutations of these ideas that you can experiment with and come up with some lovely results.... these are just suggestions.


Gayle's Gift Box


A super little printed box using the tutorial by
Gayle Pounds

Thanks for this Gayle!

Well done!
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