Surprise gifts are always a joy - but equally treasured is the thought behind them. Thank You! Due to limited space on my site I cannot display ALL the gifts that I am given at any one time but I am, nevertheless grateful for them all! Click on each award/logo to go to the sites they came from.


Thank you for this beautiful gift Yeesha!
Thank you to my graphics pal Yeesha for this beautiful gift!

Thanks for this Judy!!!
Thanks to PIRC Pal Judy for this super present.....

Thanks for this Anita!!!
Thanks to PhotoImpact friend Anita for this lovely gift.....

Thanks for this Teresa!!!
Thanks to Teresa from the PIRC Bulletin Board for this beautiful graphic.....
given as a Thank You for organising the Valentine Competition.

Thanks for this DuWayne!!!
A gift from the late, sadly-missed DuWayne from the PIRC Bulletin Board.....

Thanks for this surprise Edith!!!
Thanks to my German friend Edith for this lovely gift! .....

Thank you for this lovely take on my tutorial Alan!
Thank you to Alan for this lovely example from my beading tutorial! .....

Thank you for this lovely gift!
Thanks to Dalova from the PI Group for this lovely gift!!! .....

Found it!!!
That lamb hid himself well - I think he wanted to keep the eggs!!! .....

Thank You for this lovely gift!!!
Thank You to RAOK for this lovely Participants Graphic!!! .....

Thank you!
Thank You to the Awards Committee at RAOK
who sent me this as an Award for my Christmas Pages!

Found it!!!
Wow - trudging through all that snow was hard work - but fun!!! .....

Found it!!!
Everybody likes a treasure hunt! Thanks RAOK! .....

the wind beneath my wings...

Oh go on - have fun for a few minutes.... Earn this award for your own site!
Feel like five minutes relaxation with a puzzle?
Click this award (this puzzle is on another site).

From my pal Sheri Connell - thanks Sheri!
How did you know I love these prints Sheri? Thank you!

What a lovely gift for signing a guestbook!
This lovely gift caming from GTM at 'A Touch of Class' - thank you!


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