In 1997, when we got our computer, the first program I learned to use was Microsoft Publisher. I fell in love with the program and started (like a lot of people new to DTP) to make my own greetings cards. Gradually, over the following months, I developed a passion for designing pop-up cards.

Friends saw them and asked if I could make something with a subject they couldn't find in the shops and below are some of the results. Each card took about 20 hours to put together... often using up to about 70 different pieces of clip-art to make the finished card - so each was a labour of love indeed! I don't really have time to make them these days - but I thought it would be nice for everyone to see what Publisher, very basic clip art and a bit of imagination can do!

I hope you will pardon the quality of the graphics - my digital camera is as ancient as the pyramids - and I've had to optimise the pictures to the nth degree so that the page will load in halfway decent time.... but I think you can still see them well enough?

Front of Computer Card Inside of Computer Card THE COMPUTER CARD
Front reads: (Cat speaking) ' I wanted to bring you a traditional present... I heard them say there was one in here somewhere...'
Inside reads: 'Where's this mouse then?.....'
My favourite of my cards!
Front of Garden Card' Inside of Garden Card THE GARDEN CARD
I made several versions of this - including a wedding version with the bride and groom standing in the archway. This was the most popular card I made - everyone seemed to love the basket which hangs on gold thread.
Front of Circus Card' Inside of Circus Card THE CIRCUS CARD
I loved this - because I could go mad with glitter glue, holographic stars and gold and silver pens....... Not my favourite subject - but great to do because I could let loose with the trimmings!
Front of  Big-Game Fishing Card' Inside of Big-Game Fishing Card THE FISHING CARD
Made for a tropical Silver Wedding Anniversary for a big-game-fishing husband! Inside reads: 'With lots of love from the best catch you ever made!'. The 'line' is gold thread.
Front of Diving Card Inside of Diving Card THE DIVING CARD
One of my first cards, this was made for one of my swimming pupils. The front reads: 'To someone who makes a splash wherever she goes'.
Front of Kite Card Inside of Kite Card THE KITE FLYING CARD
This was made for a little girl in America - the grand-daughter of a friend of mine. So treasured were the pop-up cards I ended up making them for most of the family! The 'string' is gold thread. On the kite is a holographic star.
Front of Camel Card Inside of Camel Card THE CAMEL CARD
This was made for a little 2yr old boy who had camels on the curtains in his bedroom and had fallen in love with them. Kids cards were a joy to make because I could go mad with colour!
Front of Christening Card Inside of Christening Card THE CHRISTENING CARD
Made as a special request for a friend, this does not look as pretty here as in the original print which had lots of pastel shades and was hand finished in silver.
Opened up Xmas Card Inside of Xmas Card ONE-SHEET XMAS CARD
This is the most difficult thing I ever made... out of one piece of paper (left pic - unfolded). Getting the cuts right to get the wreath and candles in 3D took an age.... then I made 25 for my pupils!
Front of Tropical Card Inside of Tropical Card THE TROPICAL CARD
So many people celebrate their wedding or anniversary in the tropics now and it seems impossible to buy cards which have this theme. I made this for a friend's Anniversary but have also adapted it for a wedding.