Rosie & Graham on Stage

Once again, Graham and I had a fabulous gig - this time courtesy of the Chase Folk Club who hosted the concert at the Burntwood Institute - a cracking little venue for a concert near Cannock in the Midlands.

One of the lovely things about doing these gigs is that they have always brought about great reunions with people I haven't seen for a long time and this gig was no exception - it was super to see, amongst others, Dick Greener and his wife (who ran a club in London I played in the old days) and singer Andy Caven who was my roadie in the early 70s - as well as lots of pals from round the country who travelled hundreds of miles to get there. It never fails to move me just how much trouble people take to get to these concerts and how warm the reception is from everyone.

Barry Yates did a great job of organising the night and it was also super to hear some of my favourite songs sung again by him and the guys in The Staffordshire Men who opened the concert with a rousing set - one number is STILL going round my head five days later!

Graham did a beautiful solo set, including a brand new song dedicated to Judy Hancock. Judy was instrumental in getting me back on stage and organised the original 'come-back' concert in 2006 but sadly died very suddenly, just before Graham and I were due to play her club last year. A lovely, fitting tribute to a great lady, super singer and very genuine friend. I will even forgive Graham for forgetting to sing my request 'Suzie, Queen of Email' - though I'll get him next time round! (WUPS - did I really say that? Freudian slip there....... though Graham is still refusing to believe that any gig is 'the last' until he says so!........)

I really did have doubts about the abililty of my spine to stand up to this one - but whether it was the painkillers, the adrenalin or just the mood of the night, I just about breezed through the whole night until the last couple of numbers - to my great relief! What amazed me was that my voice was better on this concert than any I have done so far (Ok there was one bum note at the end of 'It Happens All the Time' but I'm blaming that on the emotion and not the fact that I'm 64 - that's my story and I'm sticking to it LOL!)... so who knows - they may yet wheel me out for another one.... only time will tell - don't forget to email me if you're not already on my email list for future news!

But enough of my waffling - let's look at a few pictures of the night!.... If anyone has any more (especially ones at the beginning of the night before my hair started to look as if it had been caught in a shower!) - please send them over and I'll try to add any good ones!

Rosie and Graham sock it to em!
Rosie and Graham - first set (Photo courtesy of Ann Rhodes)

Rosie and Graham on stage by Dick Greener...
Rosie and Graham on stage (Photo courtesy of Dick Greener)

Rosie and Graham sock it to em!
Rosie and Graham sock it to em! (Photo courtesy of Ann Rhodes)

Rosie and Graham
Rosie and Graham after the concert....

Rosie and Graham with Inka
Rosie and Graham with Inka (Photo courtesy of Ann Rhodes - LOVE THIS PHOTO ANN!!!!)

Rosie and Graham with Inka!
Rosie and Graham with Inka! (Photo courtesy of Tracey from Kent)

Graham chats!
Graham chats about the raffle prizes

Friendship.... friendship.... such a perfect friendship!
Rosie with two roadies from the 70s - on the left Len Waite and right, Andy Caven"

Pete, Linda, Rosie and Inka
Rosie with Inka and pals Pete and Linda - Pete Bonner is the record dealer I recommend on my music page!

Rosie, Sandra and Ken
Rosie with Sandra and Ken Jackson from Scunthorpe after the concert (Photo courtesy of Sandra)

Rosie and pal Tim Light
Rosie with pal Tim Light who drove up from London for the gig

Rosie and Ann Rhodes
Rosie with Ann Rhodes who took some of these piccies!

Rosie and Tracey
Rosie with Tracey from Kent (Photo courtesy of Ann Rhodes)

Rosie, Rob and Inka
Happy Family! - Rosie and hubby Rob with Inka (a.k.a. Mr Heavenly Boogiepaws - who gets in everywhere you will notice!)


Hi Rosie, A big thank you for a memorable night on Saturday. You were wonderful. LOL x Barry Yates (organiser)

Just a quick note to say how totally fab Saturday was! Our friends - who hadn't even heard of you - thought you were fabulous as well. King William and Southern Comfort (a woman after my own heart) struck the biggest hits for me. ... Also - Dick tells me you don't plan to play live much in future, due to your health problems. I'm really sorry about that - but if you feel remotely well any time soon, please do it again and we'll come and see you! love Teresa Greener (London) xxx

Hi Rosie My wife beat me to it - splendid show, well worth travelling up from London for. I agree - I think your voice was stronger than on the live CD I have heard and it was great to hear so many of my favourites. Thanks especially for my request - King William, great song. And Abandoned, which has always been one of my all time favourites was just fantastic. My congratulations to Graham who was great to - we really liked his set within a set too.... I'll be casting my net wider for the next set of request if there is a next time - used to play Firebird back at university, and Oto's On The Road Again would be good fun if Graham's into that style of playing. Cheers Rosie and thanks for a really great show. Dick Greener (London)

Really enjoyed Saturday night, you were in fine voice except for the one bum note which I won’t let you forget.... Tee hee Gill Richardson (Grimsby)

Thank you so, so much for a breathtaking performance on Saturday night. From the first line of the first song the whole room was spellbound, and for us 30 years just melted away. Hearing you sing Abandoned again was almost too much. We sang your songs all the way home, got hopelessly lost because we weren't listening to the sat-nav, and then kept our youngest sprog up for hours telling her all about the concert. It was a wonderful night, Rosie, and as ever you gave it all you've got. You are an absolute star. With much love, John and Shona Allaway xxx (Hampton-in-Arden)

Hi Rosie, just a short e-mail to thank you again for the wonderful performance you gave on Saturday. Your performance of "Abandoned" was superb. It's been a long time since I last saw you live (Surrey University, Guildford, 1975), but I was so pleased to be able to travel up from Hampshire for the concert. Wishing you all the best, Love from Hugh Williams (Fleet)

Hi Rosie We have just arrived home from our weekend at your gig in Burntwood/Rugeley. Once again we enjoyed every second of you and Graham!!!! You seem to get better every time we see you, and you sang all our old favourites again. My head is still buzzing with the songs. We can't wait till next year, I hope Graham can persuade you to do another gig. Thank you once again for a fabulous evening. Love, Kate xxx

Just to tell you that at your last brilliant concert I bought "The Weakness of Eve", I'd heard you do a lot of it years ago, but listening to it again I will NEVER know how you didn't make it big time. You are the dog's unmentionables, and you will never know how many people love you. Don't give up, duck. Waiting for the next time, best love, Shona xxx

Hi Rosie, Last night at Burntwood was wonderful - thanks to you and Graham Kathryn Parkyn (Midlands) xxx

Hi Rosie, I really enjoyed the concert & can't believe that you did Abandoned. Many years ago I asked you to do it & you said that you'd never sing it again so I stopped hoping. Such a surprise & so pleased that I was there to hear it. I'd've been spitting feathers if I hadn't gone & Gill'd come back & told me what I'd missed. Thank you - it was worth the wait! Take care, Lesley (Grimsby)

Hi Rosie, We just wanted to say thank you so much for the great show at the weekend and it was wonderful being able to have a front row seat with the "star". You can quote me - quote Linda too - her comment at the end was "wow what a voice!", she was not expecting such a emotional night, it was wonderful, we were so proud to be called your friends ! It obviously took a lot out of you, I hope you don't suffer too much from it! Love, Pete and Linda (Sutton Coldfield)

Hi Rosie, The concert was fabulous and my friend, Tracey, and I spent ages talking about you and reminiscing about the 'old days' when we used to go to see you in the Kent area. I am attaching as many of the pics and video clips that my email settings will allow so don't be surprised if this is only one of two or more emails you get from me today! Take Care and look forward to seeing you again sometime soon, Ann Rhodes (Yorkshire) xxx

Hi Rosie, I was so glad that my good friend Ann suggested we combine a long overdue get together with a chance to hear you perform again. Ann always did know what was good for my soul! Your songs blew me away all those years ago and had the same impact on Saturday. It was a real privilege to hear you sing again. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I have been singing your songs non-stop all week. I truly hope that you will find yourself able to carry on performing whenever you are able Rosie. Your songs are really inspirational and make the hair stand up on the back of my neck when you perform them live. Stay well, With lots of love, Tracey x (Kent)

Hi Rosie, We had a great time on Saturday. Thank you.and thanks again for Cry in the Dark. We arrived on Saturday just as you and Graham were soundchecking and you sang a bit of it then. I walked straight back out the door because I wanted to hear the whole thing later. And I was well rewarded. Thank you. You hinted there may not be any more. I hope that's not the case but if it is, you squared the circle perfectly by ending on Lady for Today - after opening with it in Woodford. I'm sure you'll keep us informed of any developments but in the meantime, put your feet up. You deserve it. Lots of... Roger Clayton

Hiya Rosie Just a quick line to say thanks for a brilliant concert hope ya resting today love !! Ken and i was thrilled and proud to see ya again and isn't ya hub an absolute gent.... love and best wishes, Sandra and Ken Jackson xxx

Hi Rosie, What another great night. The pills must have worked because I thought you looked very well and your voice was in tip top form. I always feel I've got value for money at a concert when I come away emotionally drained and with a little tear in the eye, but for the first time ever in my long history of concert going, I heard real sobbing out loud when you were singing. I thought there were some inconsiderate people blowing noses and clearing throats, but then I found a number of people were quite overcome by your sentiments. What a talent you have to move us all, particularly the 'inconsolable girl' at the end.
And as an added bonus I now know that my cd player in the car plays mp3s as well. I thought I'd stick your Bytes cd into the player to see what would happen and blow me down, it played just like an audio cd with the added benefit of a list of tracks. So my journey home was all the sweeter and with one stop for coffee I was home by 2am. It was great to hear some new (to me) songs. Can't wait for the next one - keep taking the pills! Tim Light (London) xxx

Hi sweetheart. hope you are recovering from a fab concert - but why are my eyes closed on 2 of the pics? It took me 2 hours to get home which is not bad going. Will be in touch regarding popping in sometime. Love from Lenny (Waite) (Yorkshire) xxx

Hey Up Chuck! I meant to send you a msg yesterday to say how much we all enjoyed the gig. It was something very special. Never thought I'd hear you sing "Lady for Today" live and then you go an end with it! Cor blimey Mary Poppins an' no mistake. :-) Great to hear so many songs - it's quite made me reach for my albums again.... And as those great philosophers ABBA once said: Thank you for the music! Keep on rockin' Dave Windle (Sutton Coldfield)


Rosie would like to thank Sandra Jackson, Ann Rhodes, Dick Greener & Tracey in Kent who sent photographs that have been used on this page - Bless You for letting me use them. Also thanks to Barry for organising a super night and to Graham for making it possible for me to get up and sing again.... Finally a huge thank you to everyone in the audience for coming so far to see me - you really DO make it worth all the effort!