Rosie and Graham on Stage


First of all - below is an article that came out in the Sutton News newspaper on October 26th which you all might like to read.
Thanks to Steve Bradley and the Sutton News for permission to reproduce the article here on my site!

After the event - what can I say about this concert other than that Graham and I HAD A BALL. Even before the concert I had a wonderful day with my best pal Jeaney who lives in Scotland - a rare and treasured occurrence for both of us. This was followed by a great night which included a terrific surprise for Rob and I when two of our best friends - ex Jersey Folk Club organisers Mike and Judy Hamon (who now live in Portugal) turned up out of the blue as well. We hadn't seen them for 16 years and tears of joy flowed... Thanks for coming all that way and giving us such a fabulous surprise the pair of ya! Thanks too (here goes the Richard Attenborough bit...) - to all those people who drove for MANY hours to get to the gig from all over the UK, to Eric Cox for organising the concert, Graham who looked after the p.a. for us on the night, my hubby Rob, for looking after all the CD sales for me and being a constant encouragement and last, but not least of course, Graham Cooper who came all the way from Portugal to play and sing with me again!

We kept in some of the old favourites from last year's concert such as Eagle Over Blue Mountain and Lady for Today but also included 8 different songs many of which I hadn't sung for many years, like King William's Bequests, What I Had In Mind, Saie Harbour, Marazion Sands, Song to the Evening Sky and Abandoned. The latter seemed to go down particularly well and a lot of people have commented that they loved hearing some of the early songs again.

Although I announced in my last Newsletter that this was my last concert, Graham has now given me strict orders NOT to say this again UNTIL HE TELLS ME I CAN.... so it does look as if we will be doing some more dates in the future.... and it's a case of 'watch this space folks!'....

For all those people who asked, yes - the concert WAS recorded on tape from the sound-deck. Graham has taken the tape away to Portugal to turn it into MP3s and when I get it back and see a) what the sound is like and b) how much it would cost to put it on CD, I will let you all know the result!

After the concert I had so many emails that I've decided to let everyone's comments (reproduced here with their permission!) tell the rest of the story for me!............... Are my fans simply THE BEST - or what???

It was a great night and I really enjoyed it. If I can say you were even better than the one in Manchester. A bit more relaxed and your voice was tremendous. I brought a friend along who had heard some of your stuff but I always avoided letting her listen to Abandoned cusp she had a bad split up with a ex and still struggles with getting over him .....and then bang you do it - fabulous - and thank you.
I thought Graham was great as well I liked his set and meant to email him about the email chat room song
Well I hope you are well and I look forward to the next installment your journey dragging friends and fans along the way with your wonderful reflections and observations of life and loves. Lots of Best Wishes - Jim Hulme xx

Lovely to be at your concert. We live in Gloucester now but come from Cleveland and ran the club in Eston in the late 60s early 70s. It was really strange because before Gloucester we lived in Staffordshire and Bidulph was our local club! We really enjoyed the concert and it was lovely to hear so many of our favourite songs. Perhaps next time you could also add Andrew, Butterflies and January Man to your list. So many good songs to choose from!! Well done and keep up the concerts - Keith and Sharon Robinson

What a super night. All the popular favourites, more included and a couple I'd not heard before. Excellent! Great pictures too. Not sure about the ugly bugger in the red shirt in the penultimate one though! LOL.Look forward to the next one (and still hope Cry in the Dark might make it onto the list). All the very, very best - Roger Clayton

A marvellous gig. THANK YOU! Mam, Dad and I were so very pleased to have been there. Lost for words really! You were in such great voice. Also there was such an incredible atmosphere in the hall - you could just feel how much everybody loved you!
I managed to hold it together until you sung 'Abandoned' and then that was me finished off for the rest of the evening! Given that I'm often in tears listening to you on cd I didn't really stand a chance hearing you in person! I felt quite shattered by the end of the night! - heaven knows how you felt! - Juliet Dormer

Big Big Hello's, Whistles , balloons, hip hip hoorays and all! Can't believe its over a week ago .. we waited a "wee" bit before writing .... as I reckoned you would be overrun with emails!
What a show you're voice was in excellent form at the last concert , but this time ....You were fantastically Brilliant! You were sooooooooo good that I couldn't concentrate on the pics I took - my finger was over the flash ...yes! on every pic so they all came out blurred ......thats a first for me!
I was totally blown away, especially on "Abandoned" - you gave me (and I'm betting every single person there!) goose bumps all over .....your delivery was simply stunning .... - Alex Garraway

Rosie, what a great night, we both really enjoyed it. You looked really good and looked as though you were thoroughly enjoying the whole event. Good to hear you are listening to Graham re doing another gig and doing as you are told. Help, there has to be a first time for anything .... you doing as you are told, snigger!! Seriously, if you feel you can and your health doesn't suffer then what the hell.. go for it. Looking forward to the next one! - Joan Martin

It was lovely to meet you, albeit briefly.The concert was great and your voice was spine tinglingly (...I do like to make up my own words occasionally....) wonderful! You put so much emotion into your singing, it must leave you feeling exhausted and wrung out!
Thanks for the CDs, I'm looking forward to hearing and learning more of your songs - Gail

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for a magnificent gig on Saturday night and how nice it was to meet you after so many years and after our correspondence in recent years. Your performance was excellent and hearing you sing some of the songs from Eagle again took me back a long way, all that was missing was Wally the Eagle himself ! - Guy Easterbrook

Well what can I say ?? Last night was absolutely awesome. We thought last year was good, but this year was even better. Your voice was superb. It was also so good to say a personal "hello" to you.
We were also very impressed with Graham again, we didn't realise last year just how talented he is. You make a good act together - Kate Asquith

The concert was fantastic - it was over 30 years since I last saw you and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for signing my CD. My favourite song of all is Lady for today - Kathryn Parkin

Just got time to send you this e mail Rosie you were fan bloody tastic!!!! It was a real rollacoaster of emotions for me - I remembered all that was happening to me at the times I heard you sing those played all my favourites and I enjoyed the new stuff ... I will be there at the next one if its humanly possible. I never thought I would get to hear you sing live again each time its like winning the lottery! - Vicky Collins-Nattrass

First of all may I say it was wonderful to see you at the concert in Biddulph. The concert was fabulous and you were in such good voice. My friend, who had never seen you before was also impressed - Ann Rhodes

Just wanted to say many thanks for a fabulous performance last night at Biddulph Town Hall - you were on great form and I was delighted to hear you sing two songs from the Firebird album.
I live in Reading and Reading Abbey was built by the youngest son of William the Conqueror - so when I visit the Abbey ruins I often think about your King William's Bequests song.
Are you planning to release last night's concert on CD - was the gig recorded? Anyway, thanks again for a superb show - and please make sure I remain in your email address list at this address! - Seamus Jennings

Well what can I say? I thought I would give it a day or so before emailing you otherwise I would be gushing so much it would make us both sick!
Saturday night brought back all the memories of the 1st (and only) time I had seen you before at the Clive Woolf benefit gig in London. Martin Carthy and June Tabor were on the bill but I had come to see you. I've just checked my book and it was 16th December 1974! Bloody Hell! I think you only had 20mins or so to sing but the evening is etched in my memory like a few other special nights - Liza Minnelli at the Palladium in 1982, Jimmy Webb at the Cafe Royal in 1994 and Barry Manilow (yes, me as well) at Wembley in 1996.
I specifically came to see you that night in London because Firebird was my favourite album at the time and what surprised me is that it you were even better 'live'. The same thing happened on Saturday. I thought the cd from last year's concert was so good, but yet again, seeing you 'live' took it to another level. Without a hint of b*llshit, your voice to me sounds as good as ever! You looked in your rightful element on that stage.
I thought I would be knackered on Saturday after first driving into London and spending an hour in the office before heading North. Just in case I had to stop and sleep on the way back, I packed a sleeping bag, but I was buzzing so much after the gig I didn't even have to stop for coffee. I reached home at about 1.45am I think.
Rob said he thought the expense of editing the recording would prevent you from releasing a cd but maybe after listening to it again you may reconsider!
Anyway, thank you again for another truly memorable evening. Much love - Tim Light

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Thanks to my best pal Jeaney Borland for the photograph at the top of this page.