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Many thanks for your much valued award!
(Focus 4.5)
Thanks to all the judges at Leine's 10-42 Hideaway

This is an enormous compliment - thank you!
To the Otakou team - my thanks for this honour.
You made my day!

Thank you to Otakou for this 2nd wonderful accolade
Thank you to the team at
Otakou New Zealand Online
UFOs - The Beginning of a New World
for giving me this great award!

Thank you so much for this award!
Thank you to Werner for this great award and your poem!
(And to my husband Rob, for translating!)

Bilder und eigene Lieder
sagen: Komm' bald wieder,
um alles zu sehen
und uns zu verstehen.
Wir werden bald wieder eilen
und auf diesen Seiten verweilen. :-)

Thank you so much for your award!
To all at Millennium Design - thank you for this great compliment!

High Density Hawk Award
Thank you to all at High-Density
This set my spirit soaring!

Thank you for this very treasured award!      ... and the second one for Rob's section of the site
Thank you to Ray for these highly valued awards.

Proud to be one of your 'Silver Surfers' ShadowRun!
Thank you to ShadowRun for this honour!

Thank you to Mesweet for brightening my day!....
To Mesweet - thank you so much for this coveted award!


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