TaFWeb Good Start Award
Thank You for your encouraging award Terry!"

Thank you Jack!....
To Jack - thank you so much for your award!...

Thank you for your award Espen....
Espen - many thanks for your Silver Award!

Thank you Bernadette for your lovely award
Bernadette - thank you so much - both for your award and your kind words!

Thank you to Brigitte for a huge bouquet of awards!
Also: The Boudoir Award for Poetic Excellence
The Boudoir Award for Artistic Excellence
and The Taalia Award
Brigitte - thank you for your overwhelming generosity with your awards!

Thank you for this beautiful award!....
Thanks to Aunt Runner for this lovely award!...

Thank you for this lovely award Oasis!....
Oasis - thank you so much for all your kind words!...

Thank you Lynn - this is lovely!
To Mojaveolver - thank you for your beautiful award!

Thank You Breezy - good to meet another Barry fan!
To Rose (Breezy) thank you for your award!

Annette - thank you so much for this sparkler!
To Annette - you've added a sparkle to another Rose now!

Thank you to Oceaneyes for your lovely award
Also: A Job Well Done Award
Thank you to Oceaneyes for both these awards!

Thank you for this gift Bobby!
Bobby - thank you for thinking of me!


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