Sheri - thanks for having faith in me!'
My very first site award - from Sheri at The Artworks...
a wonderful friend, found through the web - thank you Sheri!

Thank you for the honour Don!
Don thank you - so pleased you liked my Safari Tales!

Great artwork Panda - thanks!
To Panda Gielen - your award is beautiful - thank you!

Thank you for your kind comments!
Thank you to Spaceman for flying to my site!

Thanks for exchanging travel tales Val!'
From Val Kelly (Val's Homepages) in Australia - Thank you Val!

Thank you for my Fox-y Award Kat!
I'm glad that you liked my site Kat!

Thank you for that personal touch!
From Dawn - thank you for our special award!

Thank you for your encouragement!
Thank you Unique for making me feel so good!

Thank you for this award from a brave lady!
Thank you to A Woman's Touch - this means a lot.

Thank you for this gem of an award!
Thank you to Jazmine at Jazmine's Paradise for this lovely jewel!

Thank you so much for your award
Thank you to Regina and Carol of R & C's Manor for making my day!

Thank you Anne - you have a very welcoming site!
Thank you Anne from 'Anne's Coffee Table' for this pretty award!


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